Science & Medical Websites

General Science

  • Acid Rain Info on causes, effects, and solutions.
  • Acid Rain Program Details of the EPA's work to reduce acid rain by decreasing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • American Association of Zookeepers Excellent collection of animal GIFs for downloading.
  • Arizona Health Science Library
  • Cornell Theory Center Impressive scientific video archives
  • European Science Foundation
  • The Idea Channel  Hundreds of interviews available on videotape (for a small fee) or by transcript. Sciences are broken down by discipline.
  • New York Academy of Sciences The Academy is the third oldest scientific organization in America and one of New York City's oldest and most enduring cultural institutions.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Scientists conduct a wide range of basic and applied research and development.
  • Resources for Involving Scientists in Education   A National Academy of Sciences project. Examples of most effective U.S. K-12 programs involving scientists and engineers.
  • St. Louis Science Center Peruse the ecology and environment past gallery for a geological timeline. Over 300 pages of great photographs.
  • Science Online Science Magazine's ambitious online version. The primary thrust is toward the working scientist but there are articles written by journalists to educate the general public.
  • SciFinder This site is a client/server interface that provides scientists with point-and-click access to 12 million documents and information on 14 million substances from Chemical Abstracts Services files. Scientists can browse research topics and compare their findings to the results of other similar experiments.
  • Science Magazine Online The world's largest circulation is now online. A number of articles on scientific breakthroughs, written by journalists, help to educate the general public, but the primary thrust is toward the working scientist.
  • Science Research Misconduct - Federal Definition (PDF format)
  • Science News Magazine Highlights from current and past issues of this popular science magazine. Also includes features not in the weekly magazine.
  • Science Training This site has many resources on science training, categorized by branches.
  • 21stC Research Magazine Issues online. Explores the essence and meaning of research at Columbia University.

Aerospace & Astronomy

Biology & Genetics

  • The World of Amber
  • American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)
  • Bioluminescence One of nature's brightest tricks. This site covers fireflies, squid and even lower plants that can produce light. Cool pictures, explanations and a look how researchers use bioluminescence.
  • Biotechnology Information Center
  • Cell Press Cell Press primary research journals include the flagship journal Cell, as well as Neuron, Immunity, Molecular Cell, Developmental Cell, Cancer Cell, Current Biology, Structure, Chemistry & Biology, Cell Metabolism, Cell Host & Microbe, Cell Stem Cell and, new to Cell Press in 2008, The American Journal of Human Genetics.
  • Center for Bioethics This site presents issues focusing upon ethical, legal, social and public policy.
  • Cloning: A Special Report Find out how the experiment succeeded (after 276 tries) and what it might mean for the future. Op-ed pieces, a bioethics forum and a cloning ethics FAQ page.
  • DNA GenBank An annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences. Samples of 552,000,000 nucleotide bases in 835,000 sequence records. Updated every two months.
  • DNA Learning Center This site introduces you to the magic of DNA, the cellular matter that contains genes.  The site will walk you through basic inheritence to cutting-edge DNA analyses.  Browser versions 4.0 or later and RealAudio and Shockwave plug-ins are required.
  • FASEB The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology's Home Page.
  • The Gene Letter Bimonthly newsletter considers the scientific and social issues of genetics.
  • Human Genome Project Information This site is maintained by the Human Genome Management Information System for the US Dept. of Energy's Human Genome Program.
  • Human Genome Database
  • Genome Educators Home Page All aspects of genetics education. Web site is organized and maintained by education professionals from the San Francisco Bay Area who are dedicated to sharing information and resources in the field of genetics.
  • Primer on Molecular Genetics
  • The Trichinella Page Everything you always wanted to know about THE worm....and more.
  • The Visible Embryo Close up examination of the first four weeks of human embryonic development. Detailed illustrations of fertilization, implantation, gastrulation and folding.


Earth Science

Health & Medicine