Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your interest in Columbia University’s Summer Research Program for Science Teachers. The Program and its impacts on students and teachers is described in detail in the Science Magazine article “Teachers’ Participation in Research Programs Improves Their Students’ Achievement in Science,” by Samuel C. Silverstein, M.D., the Program’s Founder and Director, and colleagues (see: Potential applicants should read this article prior to applying to the program.

The criteria for admission to the Summer Research Program for Science Teachers are similar to those for most Columbia University educational programs (e.g., high ethical standards, creativity, strong English language communications skills, adequate preparation in sciences relevant to the discipline in which you will perform research). They differ in that your qualifications as a science educator and your potential to use your Summer Research Program research and professional development day experiences to improve your teaching and the education of your students are major considerations in selecting teachers for admission to the program.

Summer 2017 marks the beginning of a new phase in the Summer Research Program’s evolution. The Program will accept ten teachers this spring, eight of whom will be supported by funds from the New York State Stem Cell initiative. These eight teachers will participate in stem cell research under the supervision of scientists at Columbia University and at the New York Stem Cell Foundation. Two additional Fellowships are available for teachers who wish to do research in Columbia University laboratories in other scientific disciplines (e.g., Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics).


It is very important that your proposal is complete, including supporting documentation

**Incomplete proposals will not be considered**



May 1st, 2017 at 5 p.m.


If you have any questions, please contact the Program's Administrator, Ms. Karen Allis at

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