Computer Support & Help Links

  •  If you are fed up with pesky Windows behavior and you're not going to take it anymore, this is the place to visit. With good humor and clever tips, the site explains how to eliminate (or deal with) your computer's operating system and applications.
  • Driver Guide  Whether you're looking for a hard-to-find driver for a discontinued product or just want to explore the back alleys of unsigned, performance-enahancing driver updates, this is the must visit website.
  • Hoax Busters Most hoax e-mail is blatantly phony (got any from the son of a retired general in Zimbabwe lately?). Find out what is flying around the Net and landing in your e-mail box.
  • MacFixIt MacFixIt offers help, troubleshooting, news, and tips for Mac-heads (some content is available only to premium subscribers).
  • Tech Support Guy Michael J. Cermak, Jr. may have the most thankless job on the Internet. He helps answer thousands of computer-related questions in his Web archive.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide This site has tutorials, forums, latest news on processors and, of course, the latest on computer hardware.
  • Version Tracker Downloading patches is a necessary evil. This site assembles announcements and downloads of patches for thousands of applications. The focus here is on what's new, rather than just fix your program's ills. Mac OS and Palm are covered here as well.
  • Windows Update We know that Windows is full of bugs. If you must perpetually patch your OS, Windows Update makes the experience as painless as possible.
  • Windows XP Assistance Turning off unneeded services gives Windows XP a boost -- but turning off needed services can render a system unbootable. This site will assist you in figuring out what you can turn off and what you CAN'T turn off.