In our ongoing effort to enhance the opportunities for the Program's participants and alumni, we have formed partnerships with the following organizations:
  • Beginning 2005 the Program initiated an international teacher exchange program with Singapore's Ministry of Education. Two teachers from Columbia's Program visited the Singapore govenment schools while two Singapore science teachers worked in Columbia's research laboratories. While the exchange portion of the partnership has ended, two CUSRP teachers continue to visit Singapore government schools each July as guests of the Ministry of Education.
  • Beginning 2007, two teachers CUSRP alumni are placed each year in research laboratories at James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. JCU faculty have been generous in opening their research groups to our teachers. To date, the following JCU faculty hosting CUSRP teachers are: Kirsten Heimann (7 times!), Morgan Pratchett (4 times!), Dean Jerry, Lynne Van Herweden, David Blair, Christa Placzek, Carl Spandler, John Ginger, James Whinney, Vanessa Messmer & Peter Ridd.

  • Beginning 2008, Columbia's Astronomy Department developed the Rooftop Variables program whereby CUSRP teachers each year learn the fundamentals of observational astronomy.

  • Beginning 2012, Bank Street College partnered with the Summer Research Program to elevate the science instruction during the weekly seminars.