Astronomy/Astrophysics Lesson Plan Menu


Developed in 2012

Oreo Moon Phases (Grade 10)  

The Sun as a Source of Energy (Grades 11 & 12)


Developed in 2011

   The Moon: Phases, Eclipses, & Motions  


Developed in 2010

   Measuring the Diameter of Our Star  


Developed in 2009

   Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs)  


Developed in 2008

   How did the first asteroid come to be discovered?  

   Our solar system to scale   

    Universal gravitation


Developed in 2006

    How far away are the planets?


Developed in 2003

    Having tea among the stars


Developed in 2002

    Star light, star bright: Exploring how stars are classified


Developed in 1998

    Downloading and viewing images from the Internet

   Image processing in the classroom


Developed in 1997

    A study of hydra cluster galaxies

    Radio astronomy

    The role of the atmosphere and greenhouse effect in determining the surface temperature of the earth