SWEPT Multi-site Student Outcomes Instruments

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Study Genesis

Participating SWEPT Programs

Comparisons Design

Evaluation Questions


Teacher Characteristics

Participating School Demographics

Sloane-Young Report (PDF 147K)

Advisory Board

Pre-Program Teacher Survey

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The Pre-Program Survey is administered to the Study Teachers as they first enter the SWEPT Summer Programs. The survey collects data about teachers':
  • Educational background
  • Professional experiences
  • Instructional strategies (inquiry-based versus more traditional approaches to teaching)
  • Attitudes about science or mathematics instruction.

The questionnaire combines items from teacher surveys previously utilized by some of the SWEPT sites in the study, as well as other published surveys on professional development and teaching practices. The questionnaire went through a rigorous review process with participating SWEPT Program Managers and members of the study's Advisory Board. The survey was pre-tested on eight teachers.

Post-Program Teacher Survey

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The Post-Program Survey is administered at the conclusion of the SWEPT Summer Program to the same Study Teacher(s) who completed the Pre-Program Survey. The survey queries the participants about their experiences in the SWEPT program and their satisfaction with various aspects of their fellowships. It is based on similar exit surveys that several of the SWEPT sites were already utilizing.
Mentor Survey

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The Mentor Survey is administered at the conclusion of the SWEPT Summer Program to the Mentors of Study Teachers. The survey asks the mentors to:
  • Describe the preparatory activities in which they engaged prior to the arrival of the teachers
  • Assess the performance of their assigned teachers
  • Describe the types of interactions they had with the teachers
  • Appraise their satisfaction with the experience.

Pre-Teaching Study Teacher Survey

 (PDF File - 21KB)

The Pre-Teaching Survey is administered at the beginning of the school year to all Study Teachers who fit the study's criteria for Phase II. The survey essentially duplicates the Pre-Program Survey, but is administered again at this time to determine if there are changes in the teachers’:
  • plans for the upcoming school year
  • attitudes toward teaching
  • target subject(s).

Pre-Teaching Comparison Teacher Survey

 (PDF File - 38KB)

The Pre-Teaching Comparison Teacher Survey is administered to one teacher in the same school as the Study Teacher when they begin teaching the same target course (typically in the fall). The survey contains the same items as the Pre-Program Survey taken by the Study Teachers including:
  • Educational background
  • Professional experiences
  • Past instructional strategies
  • Attitudes about science or mathematics instruction

Post-Teaching Survey

The Post-Teaching Survey is administered to all Study and Comparison Teachers as they are completing their target courses. The survey queries teachers about changes in their instructional strategies and reassesses their attitudes about science or mathematics instruction. It also includes a set of questions designed to determine the content topics that the teachers had covered in their target courses.

Student Pre-Attitude Survey

(PDF File - 17KB)

The Student Pre-Attitude Survey (Science and Math) is administered to students in Phase II Study and Comparison Teachers' target classes at the beginning of the course. There are two versions of this survey, one that specifically addresses attitudes toward science, and one that addresses attitudes toward mathematics. The survey incorporates selected items from attitude surveys used at The International Center for the Advancement of Scientific Literacy. Jon D. Miller of that organization consulted on the development of the instrument. The survey queries students about their:
  • Past experiences with these subjects, both in and out of school
  • Attitudes about science and mathematics
  • Views about career opportunities in these disciplines
  • Educational levels and professions of their parents.

The instrument went through a rigorous review process with participating SWEPT Managers and members of the study's Advisory Board. The instrument was pre-tested on student respondents prior to its use in the SWEPT evaluation.

Student Post-Attitudes Survey

(PDF File - 15KB)

The Student Post-Attitudes Survey (Science and Math) is administered to all students at the end of their enrollment in a target class. The survey includes most of the same items as contained in the Student Pre-Attitude Survey. In addition, the survey asks students to evaluate their current science or mathematics teachers on various dimensions, including the types of instructional strategies they employed, their ability to make course material meaningful to the real world and career choices, and their interactions with the students.

Student Cognitive Pre-Tests

The Student Cognitive Pre-Tests Assesses student knowledge in the four subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Biology, or Chemistry. The tests are given to students at the beginning of their target course to measure their base-line knowledge. These assessments were created through traditional test development procedures and in consultation with experts from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Practicing teachers in each of the four disciplines assisted in creating content frameworks and selecting appropriate items from published tests such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS), and the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT). Additional items were selected from standard high school textbooks. Each assessment was pre-tested with 6-8 students who had completed a course in the subject.

Student Cognitive Post-Tests

The Student Cognitive Post-Tests are identical to the Cognitive Pre-Tests, and are administered at the end of students' enrollment in a target class.


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