Summer Research Program for Science Teachers

Lesson Plan

Trudy Melaine Prout

August Martin High School, Queens, NY

Cyber-scavenger hunt game

Subject: Science (8-12th grade)

AIM: To utilize the Internet as a valuable science resource

OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:

1. Log on to the internet

2. Use search engines to retrieve information

3. Plan out course of action (strategies)

4. Work in cooperative groups


MATERIALS: One computer with Internet access per every two students, a Web browser, pen, and handout


Students will be playing an Internet scavenger hunt game. They will be given a handout with questions to answer. The answers to the questions can be found by searching the Internet. Students will work in groups of 2. Prizes may be given by the teacher (optional). The following are directions to follow in playing the game;

1. Students will spend 5 minutes reading the handout with their partner and deciding how the tasks should be divided. Each partner's name should appear on the handout along with the current date. [Teaching Standard E- Nurture collaboration among students]

2. When the teacher gives the start time each group should turn on the computer and open web browser.

3. Provide answers to the questions on the handout by browsing the Internet using any search engine, such as; Infoseek, Yahoo, Altavista, etc. [Teaching Standard D- Make accessible technological resources]

EVALUATION: Teacher checks that students have provided correct answers and references for each question. The group with the most number of correct responses may win a prize.


Cyber-scavenger Hunt Handout


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