Summer Research Program for Science Teachers

Michelle Seeley

Elmont Memorial Jr./Sr. H.S.

August 2005

Lesson plan & rubric - Presentation of Research Plan


Aim:                  How can we present our research plans for the Intel Science & Engineering Fair for constructive criticism and feedback?

Prior student work

Students will have read research articles and periodicals in an area of interest, as well as contacted researchers in the field.  Students will prepare the Intel Research Plan and Research Plan attachment forms prior to presentation.  (all forms available at  Students will receive rubric for 20-slide powerpoint presentation in month prior to presentation.


In class:

Students will have rubric to act as feedback forms (attached) while other students present.



Students will present their plans for research work, including the following categories:

q       Question being addressed

q       Hypothesis/problem/engineering goals

q       Description in detail of method or procedures

q       BRIEF presentation of work all ready being done in this field of interest.

Students will then answer questions from their peers on design, possible problems, and interest.  Students listening will fill out the anonymous feedback forms (same rubric) to help fellow researchers even more.

Upon completion of presentations, we will discuss the overall strengths and weaknesses of the presentations. 



            Students will discuss the benefits of collegially constructing research projects.

Students will identify strengths and weaknesses of research plan proposals, and aid in solutions to weaknesses in design.

Students will identify and aid in remediation of presentation skills, reinforcing strengths of peers.



Students will modify research plan proposals to reflect weaknesses identified during presentations.

            Students will begin research work after approval by teacher.

            Next set of presentations will be a Status update.

                            Rubric for presentation of Research Plan

    Name ________________________________________


Maximum points

Points awarded


Required forms are completed




20-slides in Powerpoint




Full explanation of question being addressed




DETAILED description of method or procedures to be used




Hypothesis given and justified




At least 5 major references cited




References are briefly explained




Presentation ensures proposal is communicated clearly to group




Presentation is enthusiastic




Presenter is able to field questions from audience




Presenter demonstrates knowledge at expert-level in this field




Presentation is conversational, rather than memorized.









Overall strengths                                     Things that could use attention


Science Standards

Teachers of science guide and facilitate learning. In doing this, teachers

         Focus and support inquiries while interacting with students.

         Orchestrate discourse among students about scientific ideas.

         Challenge students to accept and share responsibility for their own learning.

         Recognize and respond to student diversity and encourage all students to participate fully in science learning.

         Encourage and model the skills of scientific inquiry, as well as the curiosity, openness to new ideas and data, and skepticism that characterize science.