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Science Career Quarter 1 Project

Introduction :  Exploring career choices is one of the most important jobs you can do during the years you spend in high school and college.  Science is integrated into many careers out there in the world.  This quarter we are focusing on food science because we learned about what compounds are and how to measure energy changes during physical and chemical reactions.  Would working at a place like Kraft Foods be the ideal job for you?  Or would you want to create the next M & M?  How about being the next food science show host, like Alton Brown of Good Eats, or the next Bill Nye the Science guy?  What about studying how to make astronaut food delectable? Use this quest to explore all the exciting places a career in food science could take you.

The Task : TODAY,  discover information about a food science career. You will need to:

a.       research different food related careers available and choose the top five

b.      Hand in this list at the end of class today

c.       Hand in descriptions of career and why you chose it at the end of week

d.      I will compile a class list and randomly assign each a group a different career

II) There are THREE MANDATORY parts of the project due near the end of the quarter:  _________

1)      Newspaper ad that you would answer to about your “dream” food career

2)      A 15-minute live presentation in class (you must hand in a typed copy of your presentation): Choose to present either:  

a.       A posterboard

b.      A powerpoint presentation

c.       A live informational TV shoot (i.e. news show, talk show, etc) 

3)      A written appendix report listing

a.       at least 10 vocabulary words related to your food career with definitions

b.      5 multiple choice questions you make up with answers relating to your career

c.       5 long answer questions (reading comprehension, diagram, graphing) you make up with answers relating to your career.

d.      Individual reflections from EACH group member on 3 topics learned and how and what topics it helped them review for. 

Resources:   Start your search with any search engine, such as                            

·        Use the library for books

·        Ask around at local companies by emailing them or writing/visiting them.

The Process: :

  1. Explore links that sound like they might tell about jobs that would be interesting.
  2. Make a list of top five different food science jobs that you might like. (must hand in to be approved) I will compile a list for the class and you will be assigned one.


·         find out what it takes to prepare for the job of your choice, including what type of schooling you would have to attend

·         Learn your expected duties, work conditions, rate of pay, etc.

INCLUDE:  (make AD aesthetically pleasing, use colors, must have border, include picture)

·         The name of the organization placing the ad, or the name of your food company/type (title) (Make this a real place that would really need this kind of employee.) (i.e. Kraft foods)

·         job title and description - explain the duties the employee would be expected to carry out education requirements

·         working conditions

·         approximate starting salary and expected advancements

·         How to contact the employer (use an actual Internet site where possible, otherwise find the address of the organization.)

·         What type of science background must you have

PART TWO:   PRESENTATION (must hand in a typed copy)


·        Oral Presentation of newspaper ad

·        Specific topics in chemistry that your career is related to

o       You must give at least three specific topics

·        Show five job activities and how it incorporates chemistry/science. 

o       YOU MUST bring props or pictures

o       Other ideas can be to videotape an interview with someone in the field


·        You must list and define at least 10 vocabulary words that relate chemistry to the science of the career you have been assigned.

·        Create 5 multiple choice problems that could be example regents questions involving your career and some chemistry science concepts you have learned.

·        Create 5 long answer problems that involve your career and could be asked on the regents (examples:  reading comprehension, math calculations, graphing, reading charts)

·        (1-2 paragraphs each) Individual reflections from EACH group member on three new things they learned from the project and three topics it helped them to review for in chemistry.  Must explain how it helped them in each topic. 


Your group will be graded on several points:

For the Newspaper ad:

o       the "reality factor" (Does it sound like a real ad for a real job at a real place?)

o       the depth of research involved (How much did you find out about this career?)

o       the organization of your ad

o       the presentation of your ad (MUST include border, color, etc)

For the presentation:

o       All group members must take part to make this fun and thorough

o       MUST use props or bring pictures/videos of equipment

o       Time must be as close to ~15 minutes long as possible

o       Depth of research

o       Student peer assessment

For the background paper:

o       Questions must be of Regents or Honors level caliber

o       Vocabulary words are to be defined with your OWN words

o       Reflections must be thorough and individual 


Who knows, your participation in this quest may lead to a new future for you. If not, at least it will give you some skills to help you choose your career. 












Student Peer Assessment

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On a scale from 1 to 5, rate your group on the following items.

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Our group worked well together.






Disagreements were settled quickly and politely.






Our group met deadlines and did not procrastinate.






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I would like to work with this group again.