Summer Research Program for Science Teachers

Paul Englehart

Syosset High School, Long Island, NY

Summer 1998

Lesson Plan

Class: Science Research II

To develop the studentsí understanding of how long-term research is accomplished

To have students understand the concepts of background research, experimental design, and design implementation.

To introduce some Chemistry topics for future discussion.


Introduce Dr. I. Bernard Weinstein’s video Disorders In Cell Circuitry In Human Cancer in terms of how an observed fact/relationship can be developed into a research project.

Show video, pausing at key areas for discussion:

Chart showing death rates: why did deaths due to infectious diseases increase around 1919?

Two instances of multifactorial (synergistic) effects

Discuss controlled studies (control groups) [9-12 Content Standard A- Variable control]

Accelerator/brake model of cell growth

Discuss use of analogies in science (physical vs. scientific models)

[Teaching Standard B- Orchestrate scientific discourse]

Briefly discuss some Chemistry terms used for future reference:


covalent (bonding)




[9-12 Content Standard B- Structure of properties and matter]


Students must briefly discuss:

The difference between carcinogen/mutagen/tetragen.

One simple cause and effect relationship in science. [Content Standard Unifying Concepts- Evidence, models, and explanation]

One multifactorial cause and effect relationship in science.



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