Moon Journal



For the next two weeks, you will be making nightly observations of the moon and recording what you see.  You will be turning in your journal for a project grade at the end of two weeks.


Step One:  Design a Moon Journal


1.     Design a cover for your journal.  Be as creative as possible.  Remember to include your name and class.

2.     Include enough pages to record your knowledge of the moon, observations, and conclusions.

3.     Be neat.  Put effort into your work.  This journal represents you.


Step Two: Knowledge of the Moon


In your journal, write down and answer the following questions in complete sentences:


1.     What two motions does the moon have?  How long does the moon take to complete both of these motions?

2.     How long does it take the moon to complete an entire phase change? 

3.     Draw a diagram which accurately shows the eight phases of the moon.  Include the sun, earth, and a description of each phase.

4.     Include a page of moon facts.  You should have a minimum of ten facts that you learned from class.


Step Three:  Record your Observations


Each night you should record the following information in your journal:


1.     Exact Date and Time (Try to observe the moon at the same time each night.)

2.     Weather Conditions (Is it cloudy? Rainy?  Clear?)

3.     Appearance of the moon (Is it a crescent?  Waxing or waning?  Do you see the craters or maria?)

4.     Sketch what you see.  Be as detailed as possible.


If you have trouble finding the moon, look in a newspaper to see when the moon will rise and what phase it will be in. 


Step Four:  Reflections


Write a page expressing your feelings as you viewed the moon every night and kept your journal.  You may include any new questions you may have about the moon or astronomy in general, thoughts and ideas, and any difficulties you may have encountered.





                          Moon Journal Rubric


Name_____________________________________________ Class______________

Title Page


Evident and Appropriate


Just a name was given


No Title page



Knowledge of the Moon



All questions were answered in complete and thoughtful sentences and a diagram was completed successfully


All questions and diagram were completed in thoughtful sentences, but with some inaccuracy.


Not all questions or diagram were completed.  But those that were, were thoughtful and accurate.


Not all questions were answered, and some of those that were, were inaccurate.


No Knowledge of the moon was evident.



14 nights of observations were neatly and accurately recorded.  Time, Weather, Appearance and Sketches were included.


At least 12 nights of observations were neatly and accurately recorded.  Time, Weather, Appearance and Sketches were included.


At least 10 nights of observations were neatly and accurately recorded. 


There are less than seven  observations and/or the info is missing or incomplete


No observations were found.



A thoughtful reflection page was included.


A reflection was included, but it was not complete and/or not thoughtful.


No reflection was found.



Neatness and Effort


Evident that much time and effort was put into this project.  Spelling and grammar are correct.  Color and labels were included.  The project is neat and orderly.


Evident that some time and effort were put into the project.  Some parts are neat and orderly while others show little effort.


The project looks as though it was rushed and not a lot of time or effort is shown in the details.


The project looks as though no thought or effort were put into it.