Summer Research Program for Science Teachers

Anthony Mauro

Ft. Hamilton High School, Brooklyn, NY


Devising a Set of Experiments to Test Water for Dissolved Substances



Students will design experiments to test water samples for pollutants.

Students will design data tables for recording and reporting observations.


Display the "Water Pollution Detection Outfit" (LaMotte Company; available through Central Scientific Co.). [Teaching Standard D- Make accessible science tools]

This water chemistry kit consists of 14 cubes, each of which contains the reagents and materials to test water samples for a particular dissolved substance. The substances that can be tested for include sulfides, chlorides, cyanides, copper, iron, chromium, nitrates, phosphates, ammonia, calcium, and carbon dioxide. [9-12 Content Standard B- Properties of matter]

Using a laboratory chemical containing iron or copper ions, demonstrate the use of one of the cubes.


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