How is Column Chromatography Useful?


Peter D'Amico

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Manhattan


Summer Research Program for Science Teachers

August 2007


Student Learning Outcomes:  




Procedure/Instructional Plan:


Preparation Phase/Motivation:

Having not been exposed to chromatography columns, students will get a sneak peek to an advanced form of purification techniques.  Secondly, isolating pigments from spinach is new for students.  The process alone is the motivational tool.


            Description of Instructional Procedure:


Closure Phase:

            Students will clean their benches and dispose of the chemicals in the proper waste bins.



       Students will submit a lab report the following week in order to report their findings.  Some of the questions to be answered: 



New York State Learning Standards:


A: Science as Inquiry- Students should develop the abilities necessary to do and understand scientific inquiry.

B: Students should develop an understanding of investigating the structure and properties of atoms and molecules as well as chemical reactions. 

G1, G2: Science as a human endeavor, Nature of scientific knowledge (respectively).