Summer Research Program for Science Teachers

Medical Technology Lesson - Red Blood Cell Count

Jose Merced - 1996

John Dewey High School, Brooklyn


The student should be able to:

* Perform a manual red cell count.

* Calculate the results of a red cell count [Content Standard Unifying Concepts- Change, constancy, and measurement]

* List two precautions to be observed when performing a RBC count. [Teaching Standard D- Ensure a safe working environment]

Motivation: (ASK):

Why is an accurate RBC count important? [Content Standard E- Understandings about science/technology]


I Red blood cells

(ASK): Why do we need RBCs?

1. Normal values- men 4.5-6.0/mm3 women 4.0-5.7/mm3

(ASK): Which are the conditions associated with the changes of the normal values?

2. Altitudes play an important role. Why?

II Precautions

1. Clean equipment

2. Proper counting technique

3. Variations in count

III Have students perform an RBC count

Review: Have the students answer questions in the text


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