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J.H.S. 126 - Brooklyn

Summer 2001

What are the characteristics of Biomes?



To raise students awareness of the different types of biomes and issues or environmental problems that biomes can encounter.


The students will need various resources such as books, Internet, scientific journals or magazines and newspaper articles.

Lesson development:

Part I

1.      Divide class into groups assigning one biome per group.

2.      Give each group the name of a country or city in which their biome is found.

3.      Have the students find the name of their biome and create a poster board of that biome.

a.  The poster board should display (but is not limited to) the following characteristics of their biome:

 Name of Biome, Location, Temperatures, Precipitation, Vegetation, Animals

Part II

1.      Once the poster board is complete the students will create a model of a biome that was given to another group based only on the poster board made for that biome and information they gathered from the group that completed the poster board.

2.      In addition to creating the model biome they must also gather information on one issue or problem for their biome model and provide solutions to the problem.


1.      Poster boards and models are to be presented to the class.

2.      All students will complete the chart on each biome based on the information provided by the presentations (see chart below). 

Science Performance Standards:

1.      S4e: Demonstrates an understanding of the impact of science.

2.      S5c: Uses evidence from reliable sources to develop descriptions explanations, and distinguishes between fact and opinion.

3.      S5d: Proposes, recognizes, analyzes, considers, and critiques alternative explanations, and distinguishes between fact and opinion.

4.      S5f: Works individually and in teams to collect and share information and ideas.

5.      S6d: Acquires information for multiple sources.

6.      S8c: Demonstrates scientific competence by completing a design.


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Biome Worksheet


Name of Biome




Type of Vegetation


Environmental Problem/s

Tropical Rain