Summer Research Program for Science Teachers

Michelle Stinvil

William H. Maxwell High School, Brooklyn


How is the media dealing with cancer in our society today?

Length of lesson: 1 day.

Aim: How is the media dealing with cancer in our society today?

Vocabulary: oncology, metastatic, chemotherapy, malignant, benign, tumor, carcinogen, mutation.

Development: Before discussing the topic above, students will be given a handout about cancer.


Motivational questions:

1. What is cancer?

2. Do you have any relatives who have suffered with cancer?

3. Do you know anyone who has died from cancer?



Students will be asked to do this for a homework assignment to be discussed in class the following day.

1. Give the names of three people in the media who recently admitted that they suffer from cancer.

2. From what type of cancer do they suffer?

3. Describe or explain the course of treatment for each.

4. What are the environmental, nutritional, and or other factors that are said to be the leading cause of these types of cancers? [9-12 Content Standard F- Personal and community health]

5. What are the most prevalent types of cancers that are affecting both males and females in this country today?


Students will meet in small groups to discuss their findings. It is also my desire that they will have a greater appreciation for cancer research, and a deeper compassion for patients who are diagnosed with cancer. [Teaching Standard B- Orchestrate scientific discourse]


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