2007 Partners in Science National Conference

San Diego, CA

January 11-13, 2007


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Oral Presentations

                      Kate Callaghan

 "Special Variability in Ground Level Ozone"



                  Kathleen Rucker

"MassTag PCR: An Effective Tool for Resolving the Infectious Agents involved in Influenza-Like Illness"


Margie Zavitzky

"Protein Segregation in Yeast"


Nancy Lee

"Oncocytoma: A Possible Connection Between Mitochondria and Cancer"



Susan Vincent

"Is it Possible to Have a Sustained, Biologically Healthy Estuarine System in the Midst of a Highly Populated Industrial Area?"


Michelle Seeley

"Faux Estrogens Fighting the Battle Against Breast Cancer - Breast Cells in the Summer of 96"


Ann Meyer

"Labs on a Chip"


Shane Riordan

"Household Water Filters' Effect on Flouride Concentration in NYC Tapwater"



Jennifer Lagnado

"Students' Perceptions of the Nature of Science and the Process of Science Through a Project-Based Science Program"




Uzma Shah and Lesia Kaszczak

"Alpha and Beta Thalassemia in Thailand"